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Telemedicine For Dementia

As a direct result of the recent global pandemic, telemedicine has become more and more popular. This innovative way of treating patients has helped to keep the healthcare industry growing. Telemedicine requires the use of an interactive audio and video telecommunications system that permits real-time communication between a patient and physician. (i.e Zoom, Skype, or […]

Preventing Falls For Elderly

About 30% of people 65 years of age or older have a fall each year, increasing to 50% in people 80 years of age or older. Falls can cause distress, pain, injury, prolonged hospitalization, and death. Falls also result in loss of confidence and independence, especially when family members, care partners and health professionals’ reactions […]

Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit: Holistic Approach To Life

There are many aspects of humans to consider when talking about living a holistic, healthy life. In this article we’ll touch on 4 different areas. Caregivers must remember to care for themselves first so that they can provide optimal care for those they are servicing. Body Our bodies need rest. Studies show that the vast […]

Why People With Dementia Wander

Have you ever wondered why people living with dementia wander and get lost? This behavior can be attributed to multiple things and in this article we look to cover a few of them. Brain Change Impacting Navigation One reason that adults with dementia tend to wander is because the part of the brain that sends […]

Lewy Body Dementia Detection & Treatment

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) is a neurological disorder that damages the brain. It was discovered by Dr. Lewy in 1912 but has been under-diagnosed until recently. It looks like a combination of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease and while it is different, there is a possibility that it is related to both of these disorders. […]

Dementia Home Safety Tips

Determining if a home is safe for someone who is living with dementia can be difficult. There are some key factors to making the most accurate assessment possible, and it first starts by identifying possible areas of danger and hazards. We’ll discuss some of these factors in this article, and provide some dementia home safety […]

Importance Of Community Environment For Seniors

The desire to feel connected is something that drives much of our human behavior. It is not surprising that even in the last stages of life, community is so important. During trying times, this sense of community becomes especially important. A sense of community helps people who are fighting dementia feel as though they are […]

10 Tips For Seniors To Build Immunity

As we age, we will endure many physical changes. Our immune system is one of those things. With respect to recent world events related to this topic, it is important to remain focused on maintaining strong immune systems. There are several practices that you can take on to make sure you are staying healthy and […]

Importance Of Cognitive Stimulation With Age

Dementia is one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people worldwide. As the disease progresses, seniors become less and less independent. Because caregivers are often family members, this can also cause strain on the family unit. Brain activity and engagement is one of the best ways to fight off decline as […]

Dementia Caregivers & Kids At Home

Most caregivers of dementia patients are family members. Nearly one-fourth of Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers are “sandwich generation” caregivers — caring for both someone with the disease and a child or grandchild. If you are a caregiver, this means that at some point, the person you are caring for may move in with you or […]