“Until there’s a cure…there’s care!”

~Teepa Snow

Orchard’s Spectrum of Care environmental model is founded on concepts outlined by occupational therapist Claudia Allen and includes six levels of skill sets that result from physical or mental health conditions.

The model supports a personalized quality of life by directing care partners to focus on current abilities in order to create and help a person feel purpose and meaning throughout each day. Purpose and meaning are critical and fundamental to a person’s experience of wellbeing and is sought by all human beings, no matter their health condition.

The Positive Approach to Care® LIVING GEMS® model, developed by world-renowned occupational expert Teepa Snow, is an adaptation of the ACL (Allen Cognitive Levels) and utilized by the Orchard team to identify current or changing resident abilities.

Orchard at Athen’s community trainer Linn Possell is a certified speaker and master PAC Trainer and was a member of the inaugural certification program training team.

These resources served as foundational inspiration for Orchard’s ability-based Grove engagement and care model.

Spectrum of Care