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Tai Chi Benefits For Elderly

Tai Chi, a mind-body relaxation exercise, was devised by Chang San Feng for meditation and self-defense in the thirteenth century A.D. The 108 forms are performed in a slow relaxed manner, taking 30 minutes altogether. Tai Chi is a gentle system of traditionally standing group exercise that integrates breathing and rhythmic movements to achieve a […]

Safety Tips For Aging At Home

As individuals age, it becomes more difficult to move around and get out to do things. As a result of new challenges, many elderly people prefer to stay indoors. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is important to keep in mind safety in the home. Taking the proper steps to ensure that the […]

Tips For How To Talk With Someone With Dementia

Words are a powerful source of communication. They can leave a huge impact on large groups of people and they can change the way we see the world. We often forget how important words are. This can create obstacles in relationships. We forget how dangerous and beautiful words can be. Orchard at Athens knows that […]

Caregiver Tips & Information

Caregivers can be spouses, partners, adult children, parents, other relatives friends, neighbors or paid professionals, essentially anyone who is providing care for another individual. If you are a family member who has found yourself in the role of caregiver, it is likely that you have additional responsibilities outside of caring for your loved one. Adding […]

Dementia And Memory Care

Are you beginning to feel you need someone else to provide full time care for your loved one living with dementia? Do you need to know what makes a good dementia care community? Choosing A Memory Care Community People living with dementia will go through different stages of care need because dementia is progressive, chronic […]

What Are Geriatricians And Do I Need One?

If your health condition is leading you to consider relocating to an assisted living in the Athens, Georgia area, it may also be time to consider the benefits of working with a geriatric physician for primary care. In this article we’ll discuss what Geriatricians are and discuss if you need a Geriatrician. What Are Geriatricians As […]

The Importance of Exercise for Seniors

When deciding to try a new or different type of exercise program it is wise for seniors to consult with a physician.  It is recommended to have a health screening prior to an exercise test or starting a new exercise regime that may require increased endurance or intensity. While exercises like walking or stretching are […]

Dining & Nutrition In Luxury Senior Living

As you read about and visit senior living communities in Athens, Georgia you will discover that many promote the amenity of fine dining.  Fine dining suggests the community will offer its residents the experience of the upscale restaurant-style meal experience. Independent living communities usually offer the choice option to pay for 1, 2, or 3 […]

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is a Syndrome Many people 60+ will experience changes in brain function as they age. Some changes come with normal aging, but those that significantly impact daily functioning may be due to a medical condition. It’s important to know that dementia is not a diagnosis. It is syndrome made up of a collection of symptoms impacting […]