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Indicators Of Brain Change

When things begin to change in the brain, it can be difficult to identify the root of the cause or if it is something of concern. You may find yourself asking, “Is this a symptom of normal aging?” or  “Is it something of concern?” This article will discuss different ways to identify  brain change so […]

How To Reduce Effects Of Aging

Eleanor Roosevelt once said…”Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” It has also been said that “Aging is a privilege that not all of us are privileged to have”. In this article we discuss the aging process and how to reduce the negative effects. When Does Aging […]

Benefits Of Vitamin D For Seniors

Orchard at Athens is dedicated to helping our residents stay healthy and happy throughout their life. We offer a wide variety of ways to maintain health that meets each individual’s lifestyle. The staff at Orchard is current on the latest news and research in senior health in order to help their residents live their best […]

Yoga Benefits For Seniors

Orchard at Athens provides a holistic approach to well-being, which includes making your life work for you. One of the exercises that provides functional benefits for seniors is yoga. In this article we’ll discuss the topic in more detail. What Does Making Life Work For You Mean? Making your life work for you means: Finding […]

Vascular Dementia: Vascular Neurocognitive Disorder

In this article we’re going to talk about Vascular Dementia. With this type of dementia, oxygen and blood flow that provides the necessary nourishment of the nerve cells and brain are disrupted. There are three major reasons this can happen; bleeding, blockage, or limiting the flow of blood. In these instances, the brain cells not […]

Dementia & Benefits Of Music

When someone is living we dementia we tend to look at how they are declining and where they are having difficulty. Orchard at Athens is a new and dynamic senior living community in Athens Georgia that is focused on what people can do, and helps support people living with dementia or in need of assistance […]

Challenging Situations & Dementia Part 2

The changes that happen in neurocognitive disorders can create challenging situations for both the individual undergoing change and those who care for them. Frustrating situations are common and can cause loved ones to feel confused. Below are four of the most common situations that can be difficult for caregivers. Orchard at Athens understands situations such […]

Challenging Situations & Dementia Part 1

Chronic health issues and dementia bring unique challenges for many reasons. Body and brain change create frustrations that often present in behavior expressions that confuse or surprise us. Taking the time to assess what might be underneath a challenging situation can help. The staff of Orchard at Athens are both knowledgeable and trained with skills […]

Signs of Early Stage Dementia

Early stage dementia is often difficult to assess or recognize. Many people mistakenly assume that the changes they see are a part of normal aging. Symptoms may also go unnoticed because they develop gradually over a long period of time. When it is determined that someone has early stage dementia, finding the right support is […]

What Is Moderate Dementia?

Many people don’t have a true understanding of what dementia is. This brain disease can be defined as “the acquired deterioration of the brain from a previously higher level of functioning that impairs the successful completion of daily tasks.” Because the change happens over a longer period of time, there are many stages of dementia […]