Dementia and Independence

Dementia Care & Maintaining Independence

If you are caring for someone with dementia, it is likely that they are very dependent on you. One thing that helps maintain a person’s quality of life while dealing with dementia is keeping a sense of independence. There are many simple adjustments that a person can make in their life to help them with their cognitive deficits but also be in control of their life still. 

Tips For Maintaining Independence With Dementia

Here are the many ways that people with dementia can play an active role in keeping their sense of independence in their homes.

  1. Create a schedule – whether it is daily, weekly or monthly, keeping a schedule allows you to control what goes on in your life. 
  2. Set reminders – use reminders on your phone, around the house or in a journal to help you keep track with things that need to get done. 
  3. Utilize technology – If you are having difficulty with daily tasks, such as cooking, sending mail or connecting with the people around you, use the technology (computers, phones or videos) to help you. 
  4. Label stuff – Label the things in your house to help you recall words you might be forgetting. 
  5. Write it down – write down reminders, things you want to remember, memories or ideas you might have. 
  6. Take on an extra responsibility in your community – finding a way to help someone else or get a small job done in a community can bring about a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

Tips For Dementia Caregivers To Promote Independence

Caregivers can play an active role in assisting someone with dementia keep their sense of independence. Not only is this important for the patient, but it is also important for the caregiver. 

  • Provide opportunities for social engagement 
  • Coordinate care between all caregivers . 
  • Create a safe, comfortable environment that reflects the person’s preferences and personality. 
  • Encourage participation in daily activities
  • Focus on the person’s abilities
  • Encourage physical activity

Most elderly people would agree that it is important for them to keep their independence as they age. Many people do not look forward to a day and age when we have to ask others for help. We don’t like to think about depending on others for basic needs such as paying bills, going to the grocery store or getting dressed. Keeping this in mind, independence is very important to maintain. Orchard at Brookhaven works together to help our residents keep their individuality. We even have jobs for people if they want them! If you’re looking for an assisted living community in Atlanta for you or a loved one, please contact us to learn more about our community and programs.