“I have learned so much from the voices of persons living with the condition who have shown me what is possible when you fully engage, respect their rights, and act in solidarity with them to create a better life.”

~Al Power

Orchard at Brookhaven is proud to be aligned with and part of a growing movement to Revolutionize Dementia.

We have learned from persons living with dementia and other mentors and colleagues in this video whose goals, passions, and philosophies ensure a meaningful life no matter a persons condition.

In 2017 the World Health Organization released a global action plan regarding the human rights of persons living with dementia and recognized they should be empowered, engaged, and included if keeping consistent with the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disability.

This one-hour documentary, Revolutionizing Dementia Care was created by PBS Virginia and made possible by the Dementia Action Alliance. Interviews were filmed in Atlanta at the 2017 North American conference, Re-Imagining Dementia, hosted by DAA.