“The best utensils in the world are the ones you were born with.”

~Chef Stone Morris

Grind Dining

Grind Dining™ is simply an innovative food preparation process designed to restore the dignity, independence, and enjoyment of mealtime for individuals with cognitive, neuromuscular, and chewing disorders who struggle to eat. Orchard’s team has been certified in preparing these nutritious meals like chef salad, or chicken parmesan in a delicious bite-size portion allowing residents to eat utensil-free.  The portions of a typical plated nutritious meal are measured and then ground and reinvented into an attractive appetizing presentation that can be eaten by hand.

Traditional Chicken Parmesan Dinner

Chicken Parmesan Traditional

Same Ingredients…Grind Dining Method Preparation

Grind Dining Chicken Parmesan

Benefits and Results

Grind Dining

  • This person-centered dining experience enables residents to eat the same delicious nutritious food regardless of physical or cognitive limitations.
  • More meals are eaten, especially high-value nutritional items.
  • Food is easy to chew, digest, and nutritionally complete.
  • Bite-size portions are easily accessible.
  • No knives or forks are necessary.
  • The presentation promotes independence.
  • 30-66% of residents in memory care eat more food when prepared Grind Dining style.
  • 90% of respondents report they have greater enjoyment while eating.
  • A decrease in resident weight loss and an increase in weight stabilization.
  • Increased resident socialization at mealtime.