Technology Benefits For Dementia

Benefits Of Technology For Dementia

In this day and age, most of us do not go 5 minutes without encountering or using technology. At times, this can be seen as a curse and other times, it is a blessing. Technology keeps us connected to the people in our world who are not geographically close to us but it also can keep us distracted for hours at a time. That being said, there are many beneficial and practical ways to utilize technology with someone who has dementia.

Benefits Of Technology For Dementia

Listed below are a few ways that technology could benefit individuals with dementia.

  • Allows the feeling of independence to be present
  • Aids an individual in decision making
  • Provides assistance with existing or deteriorating skill set
  • No attention being brought to the fact that the user has a disability
  • Serves as a reminder that remedies are available
  • Can be used at all times provided the information is readily available to read or access

Benefit Of Cell Phones For Dementia

The invention of cell phones has kept people just a touch of the key pad away for many years. This is the same for someone who is moving through the stages of dementia. Cell phones are an easy way to keep them connected to their loved ones. It is also a great way for them to look up information they may have forgotten. Someone could use navigation apps if they have lost their way. It is also easy to set up reminders to help stay on track with medicine schedules, daily routines or doctor’s appointments.

Other technologies can be classified as follows:

  • Devices that are utilized by the individual (radio, TV, (mobile) telephone, car);
  • Systems and devices that others have set up, but which the person uses (electricity, water supply system, air condition);
  • Monitoring and surveillance systems and devices which are either:
    • activated by the user (safety alarms)
    • activated automatically when an incident occurs (fire alarm, fall alarm)
    • monitors continuously or when the operator decides (cameras installed at public places, tag- ging devices).

When the person with dementia has an active role in handling the assistive technology, considerations as to their ability due to clinical needs must be taken. Orchard at Brookhaven is ready and willing to accommodate all the needs of our residents. Our staff is highly qualified and extremely flexible when it comes to making our residents feel comfortable. For more information on all that we have to offer, please contact us with any questions you may have.