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Signs Of Abnormal Aging

For this article we wanted to consider the question “How does someone know if what they are experiencing is normal aging or something else?” Signs of Normal vs Abnormal Aging A brain that is aging without dementia, needs longer to process information and learn something new. It also needs less distractions such as music playing […]

Holistic Approach to Life: Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit

There are many things to consider when talking about living a holistic healthy life. In this article we’ll touch on 4 different areas. Body Our bodies need rest. Studies show that the vast majority of people need 8 hours of sleep a day. The available research states there are a few people who can sleep […]

Dementia Caregivers & Stress

Everyone has stress in their life. But as Dr McEwen says in the below video clip, not all stress is bad stress. Our brains need to be challenged on a daily basis to help it stay healthy, but some stress can be very damaging to our brain. Being the caregiver of someone living with dementia […]