Maintaining Independence With Dementia

Maintaining Independence With Dementia

Oftentimes what comes with a dementia diagnosis is a loss of independence. Now, someone is counting on another person or people for tasks they are used to doing alone. The good news is that there are several ways to help an individual remain independent in some ways. This article will discuss ways for people with dementia to practice independence and ways for caregivers to encourage independence in the people they care for.

Tips For Keeping Your Independence With Dementia

Here are the many ways that people with dementia can play an active role in keeping their sense of independence in their homes.

  1. Create a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.
  2. Use your phone, a bulletin board or sticky notes to set reminders.
  3. Utilize technology to help with simple tasks such as directions, cooking or communicating.
  4. Label the things in your house that you might have trouble remembering.
  5. Write things down that you know you won’t want to forget.
  6. Volunteer in your community.

Tips for Dementia Caregivers

Caregivers can play an active role in assisting someone with dementia keep their sense of independence. Not only is this important for the patient, but it is also important for the caregiver.

  • Provide opportunities for social engagement
  • Coordinate care between all caregivers .
  • Create a safe, comfortable environment that reflects the person’s preferences and personality.
  • Encourage participation in daily activities
  • Focus on the person’s abilities
  • Encourage physical activity

Many people do not look forward to a day and age when we have to ask others for help. We don’t like to think about depending on others for basic needs such as paying bills, going to the grocery store or getting dressed. Keeping this in mind, independence is very important to maintain for elderly people. It helps preserve their sense of purpose in life. Orchard at Athens works together to help our residents keep their individuality. We even have jobs for people if they want them! If you think our community would be a good fit for you or a loved one, contact us today!