Signs Of Normal vs Abnormal Aging

Signs Of Normal vs Abnormal Aging

Consider the following question, “How does someone know if what they are experiencing is normal aging or something else?” This article highlights some of the normal signs of aging and how to identify someone who is experiencing abnormalities as they change.

Signs of Normal vs Abnormal Aging

A brain that is aging without dementia, still requires a longer amount of time to process information and learn new things. These individuals need less distractions such as playing music or background sounds when reading or trying to pay attention to a conversation. As we age, the brain holds on to more and more information. This leaves less room for new information. Therefore, recalling a name might become more difficult because there are more people to remember. However, if someone starts to forget the names of people closest to them, or has always been excellent at remembering names, then this may be an indication of something more than normal aging.

Most people become concerned about dementia the older they get and this is for a good reason. As we age, the probability of dementia increases. But just because someone forgets why they go into a room, or cannot find a word, does not mean that they have dementia. The inability to recall information after a prolonged time can be one sign of concern for someone who is aging.

Identifying Significant Change

One thing to pay attention to in someone who is aging is significant CHANGE in their behaviors. Behaviors that are not typical of an individual may indicate underlying issues in someone’s brain. There are several tests that are given that help provide a good idea of brain function and health. The AD8 is one of those assessments. You can download the AD8 test here.

Getting a baseline cognitive test is a very good idea because it is important to know if there is a change in brain function, not just normal aging changes. If you do find that there is something that is not a normal process of aging, it is best to find that our as soon as possible in order to start making plans, which includes looking into possible support services if ever needed. Orchard at Athens is a focused senior living community in Athens Georgia for people needing support and has a variety of living opportunities in several neighborhoods within the community. These smaller neighborhoods offer a variety of choices, purposeful support, individual support plans and a highly trained team. Please contact us to learn more about our community.