Great Reads for Dementia Patients

Great Reads for Dementia Patients

One activity that can easily fill time is reading. There are many books that appeal to people who have dementia or who may be in the late stages of dementia. This list of books includes stories that are more easy to comprehend for seniors. Here is a list of good books to read for leisure.

  1. What The Wind Showed To Me By Emma Rose Sparrow

This book has an appealing story, and it provides seniors with memory loss with the self-esteem they need. The good thing about this book is that neither the title nor the text states it is for memory-challenged adults. The author did not want seniors with cognitive decline to feel insulted.

  1. The Sunshine On My Face: A Read-Aloud Book For Memory Challenged AdultsBy Lydia Burdick And Jane Freeman

Books written for children and young adults may not be appropriate for seniors. However, this book has realistic watercolors and designs that seniors will enjoy.

  1. Simple Pleasures For Special Seniors By Dan Koffman

Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors is a great series that gives seniors several optional reads. The series contains books on fun foods, fruits, hand tools, and life in the military, and they are great for seniors with short concentration spans and limited communication skills.

  1. Blue Sky, White Clouds: A Book For Memory-Challenged Adults By Eliezer Sobel

The book is a simple read for memory-challenged adults, and it contains beautiful photographs that are large, bright, and realistic. The author was inspired to write this book after spending time with his mother and realizing she could no longer read full sentences.

  1. Wishing On A Star By Lydia Burdick And Jane Freeman

This is a read-aloud book for memory-challenged adults. It is more advanced than a children’s book because it contains words, pictures, and stories that seniors with dementia can enjoy

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