Benefits of social engagement on dementia

Social Engagement & Benefits For Dementia

It is common knowledge that dementia affects an individual’s cognitive abilities. As a result of this, social settings can become difficult to navigate. Social connectinectedness is strongly linked to aging and dementia. Some early signs of a decline in cognitive ability are loneliness and isolation. Social engagement can benefit the symptoms of dementia. Explicitly, social settings help to increase what the brain can remember, build mental capacity and decrease the amount of stress people tend to feel with dementia.

Studies have shown that individuals who socialize often tend to feel the effects of dementia less rapidly. Research also shows that as dementia progresses, social engagement lessens. This is why it is important to keep people who have dementia involved in the world around them. The social interaction with others not only helps the brain, but it also helps an individual with the internal struggles they may have.

Social Activity Ideas For Dementia

Because socializing is such an important factor in dealing with people who have dementia, below are a few ways that you could consider promoting social outings with a loved one or someone you know who has dementia.

  • Accompanying someone on errands
  • Calling them on the phone once a week
  • Going to the movies
  • Skyping or FaceTiming regularly
  • Scheduling visits with friends
  • Weekly dinners
  • Attending smaller social events that are local (i.e craft fairs, small concerts, art showings, etc.)

Social Activities Benefits For Dementia

Participating in activities such as these can lead to many benefits for individuals with dementia. Social engagement is known to:

  • Increase memory
  • Promote “regular” conversational skills
  • Provide a sense of belonging
  • Decrease feelings of loneliness or depression
  • Create new opportunities to meet people
  • Support existing relationships with friends and family

If you are unsure about ways to engage with someone who has dementia, remember to keep it simple! You could read to them, play a familiar game or even just watch T.V. The important part is to help people not feel so alone. Here at Orchard at Brookhaven, we provide a multitude of opportunities for our residents to interact with one another. Our staff is friendly and willing to spend time with the residents when they need it. If you would like to know more about all we have to offer, please contact us.