The Importance of Sleep for Seniors


Are you getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night? A recent study conducted by the CDC showed that one-third of people will answer no. Not getting enough sleep can have some serious consequences to your health. A lack of sleep can increase your risk of obesity, a stroke, and dementia. Not to mention your all-around quality of life.

This weekend get yourself prepared for Sunday, March 13 because that marks the beginning Daylight Savings time. We’ll all lose an hour of sleep, which may cause some of us to end up in serious sleep deprivation mode. Losing even just an hour of sleep can make for a tough Monday morning which usually bleeds into the rest of the week.

If you are already regularly not getting adequate sleep, now is the opportunity to do something about it. Suggestions for a good night’s sleep include developing a relaxing bedtime ritual, avoiding caffeine after noon, and getting enough exercise. Our Orchard staff can help prepare residents a schedule that will ensure a good night’s sleep and a healthy and active day. Contact us here to learn more about the Orchard difference.