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Celebrating The Holidays During COVID-19

As the holiday season is fast approaching, it is likely that you are beginning to make plans with friends and family. Your plans for this year may look a little different. You are not alone in these considerations, and this article is going to explore some potential options for getting together with families, but keeping […]

Bathroom Incontinence With Dementia

As dementia progresses, a person will have less and less control over their physical self. Memory, fine motor skills and ability to complete simple tasks are all parts of a person’s life that will change when he or she has dementia. One of the most difficult to deal with is going to the bathroom. It […]

Being A Dementia Caregiver During COVID-19

It is undeniable that the impact of COVID-19 has infiltrated the lives of everyone in America. A person with dementia and those caring for these persons are not excluded. Without doubt, it is important now more than ever to take the necessary steps to care for yourself and loved ones who may be suffering from […]

Talking Therapy For Dementia

Dementia, a cognitive disease that affects the brain unfortunately can affect so many parts of someone’s life. Luckily, there are therapies that exist specifically for helping with communication. Talking therapy is a service that is provided by a trained professional such as a counsellor, a clinical or counseling psychologist, a psychotherapist, or a psychiatrist. Benefits […]

Dementia & Relationship Changes

If someone you love is diagnosed with dementia, it is highly likely that your relationship with them will eventually be impacted. Dealing with these changes can be difficult and uncomfortable. It is always important to remember that you are doing the best you can for them and yourself.  Dementia & Relationship Changes As a person’s […]

Strategies For Managing Dementia Behavior Changes

Dementia is a progressive disease. As time goes on, the brain’s functionality decreases resulting in a decrease of a multitude of other bodily functions (physical and mental). One of the most challenging aspects to handle is the changes in behavior. In this articles we’ll discuss some strategies for managing those dementia behavior changes. Strategies For […]

Loss Of Appetite When Aging

Many people experience a loss of appetite with age. This can make mealtime an unpleasant experience for some seniors who either struggle to eat or are experiencing a loss in appetite. The result of this can be a refusal to eat altogether. This is an important issue to address because nutritional eating can affect many […]

Storm Safety Tips For Seniors

Hurricane and Tropical Storm season can be a difficult time to manage without the right plan. The most important thing you can do as hurricane season approaches is to get yourself, your family and your home prepared. Once you are in a storm or one is rapidly approaching, you may find it more difficult to […]

8 Tips For Caregivers

When someone we love needs more support in their life, it can become a big job and, at times, can be very challenging. This article provides some helpful tips for caregivers facing challenging situations. 8 Tips For Caregivers 1) Try To Be Objective Take an objective “look” at the situation and consider both points of […]

Driving Safety When Aging

How do we know if it’s still safe to continue driving? Making the personal decision to stop driving is a difficult one.  Older adults are often resistant because driving, for most, represents a loss of independence. The Georgia Department of Public Health recently implemented an Older Drivers Safety Program as current data projects by 2025, […]