Senior Living vs Memory Care

Do You Need Assisted Living or Memory Care?

Before you start your search for assisted living or memory care, consider why you are looking in the first place. There are many senior living choices in the Clarke County and Athens, Georgia area and new communities are opening every year.

It’s important to take time to ask the right questions that can help to narrow your focus. Orchard at Athens is a luxury assisted living and memory care community opening summer of 2020 and will serve families local to Athens or from surrounding areas of Winterville, Bogard, Statham, Ashland, Watkinsville or Arnoldsville.

The Orchard’s Communities within a Community model is an innovative environmental design created to decrease the stigmas often associated with moving to senior living. 4 neighborhood options give residents a more positive and life-enhancing experience.

Below are a variety of reasons why someone looks for senior living community.

Social-Emotional Need

If you are looking for social-emotional support, look for a community that provides a true variety of ways to become and stay engaged inside and outside of the community. Here are some things to consider when searching:

  • Does the senior living community provide transportation and assistance opportunities to local community events and entertainment?
  • Is the community located in an area that has easy access to local activity and outings such as shopping, restaurants, theaters concerts, museums, health clubs, senior centers, etc?
  • Does the community provide thought-provoking and inspiring entertainment and education on-site from the local community?
  • Does the community provide spiritually nurturing opportunities or participate in local philanthropic and charitable events?
  • Does it provide a wide range of interesting activities and options to meet and socialize with others? These options should be more than leisure activities and should include education, social, cultural, and personal opportunities for the residents to decide and be a part of

Physical Need

If you are looking for physical support, look for a community that has onsite staff specializing in rehabilitations such as physical, occupational, or speech therapies. Therapy, exercise, and adaptation of personal environments when needed promote confidence and independence.

To meet the range of personal preferences you will find in an assisted living there should be a very wide variety of opportunities that encourage active movement indoor and outdoor, privately or with others, and with guidance through facilitated appointments or group classes and workshops.

Activities of Daily Living

If you are looking for a community to support with daily living tasks, ask about the training of team members who provide hands-on assistance and the protocols for determining resident to staff ratios. Find out if they have 24-hour services and a licensed nurse or medical director? It’s also important to know if residents can age in place in the community.

Aging in place means an approved state of Georgia license and capability to support someone through to the end of their life. Communities offing this service will ensure that after moving to a community of choice, residents will be able to continue to live there as long as they like and not be asked to move should health conditions change.


Amenities are important in senior living. While touring be sure to look for some of the following:

  • Salon and Spa
  • Bistro or Cafe
  • Fine Dining and Rooms for Private Events
  • Exercise Equipment and Class Offerings
  • Medical and Therapeutic Affiliate Partners
  • Personal and Group Transportation

Looking for senior living options can be overwhelming as many communities have similar services and options. Before you begin, take a moment to make a list of the reasons why you are considering a move.

Orchard at Athens understands the complexity of making such a change. We have a team standing by to learn more about what you’re looking for and if we can help. We have learned from experience that knowledge is power, your purpose is critical, and partnering changes everything.