Tips to Know When Moving into Your New Home at Orchard

Orchard-Deluxe-Bedroom-1030x688It’s no secret that moving is both difficult and time-consuming. The trick is to feel comfortable in your new home quickly and get your routine back. These 3 big tips can give you the right guidance when moving into your new home into the Orchard community.

Contact movers, or assistance, 3 – 4 weeks in advance

Once you have a confirmed date for your move, it is important you contact your movers as early as possible in advance. This way you aren’t rushing last-minute, or revising your personal schedule. If you are not hiring professional movers, it is still important to inform anyone who is helping you in advance so they can take time out of their schedule to help.

Unpack with organization

Mark each box you pack with what room or where you want it to be placed in your new home. When your boxes are placed in specific rooms, you’re already ahead in the unpacking game. One way to make the entire process easier is to start with essentials. Unpack the absolute necessities, such as bedding, clothes, toiletry, and towels, first.

Meet the neighbors

After all the unpacking, you’ll need a break, and some fresh air will do you well. Take a walk around the community, and stop by, and introduce yourself to the new neighbors. You’ll begin the process of fitting into your new atmosphere and feeling at home right away.

Moving doesn’t have to be an undesirable experience, with these tips, you can make it all that much easier. To schedule a tour of the Orchard in Tucker, Georgia contact us here.