Orchard Resident Spotlight

Micki Perry

Micki PerryMicki was born in Bethlehem, PA to Helen and Kenneth Bauder in 1930. Her given name is Miriam. However, Helen called her “Micki” because she didn’t want her referred to as “Minnie.”

Kenneth was employed by Bethlehem Steel Corporation his entire career including the 1941-1945 World War 11 years. Since steel was critical for the U.S. war effort, tight security was needed around steel mines. Micki remembers her father being required to stay at his office overnight several times during the war as a security measure.

After Micki graduated from high school, she entered Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA. Planning to be a dietitian, she majored in Home Economics, and minored in Mathematics.

When Micki was a sophomore, she transferred to Winthrop College, S. C. and was assigned a roommate named Jackie, a southerner. Being from the north, Micki had a difficult time understanding Jackie’s southern accent.

Jackie had a date and arranged a blind date for Micki, so they could double date. Micki’s blind date was a senior named Earl Perry who was also a southerner. Micki describes that first date as a “total disaster” that she and Earl had nothing in common because she had to ask Jackie to interpret what Earl had said almost every time he talked to her with his southern accent.

To her surprise, Micki soon received the first of many telephone calls from Earl. With her roommate as an interpreter for phrases like, “crack the window” “y’all come” and “glad to see ya” mixed with 5 mutually enjoyable dates, they married in 1950 and settled in Bowman, GA where Earl was hired to coach the baseball and basketball teams. Micki enjoyed collecting tickets and keeping score. Learning that Micki studied math in college she was hired to be the 7th grade math teacher.

Two children, Karen and Pamela, were born while they lived in Bowman, GA, and Rick was born in Social Circle, GA. They both continued to teach when they moved to Dudley, GA and Stone Mountain, GA. After retiring they found the place to satisfy their love for golf at the Fairfield Plantation in Villa Rica, GA where they purchased a house on the golf course.

Earl had a heart attack and died in 2006. Micki continued to live in the house and play golf with her friends for twelve years. When Micki and her children became concerned about her living alone she moved to The Orchard in Tucker, GA, only 3 miles from where Karen lives in Tucker, GA. You are a joyful addition to The Orchard family, Micki.