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Conversations with Dementia Consultant

Robin Andrews Smith

Alzheimer’s and related dementia’s have a profound impact on family members and the experiences of loved ones living with dementia.  As neurodegenerative medical conditions progress they often demand increased attention to needs and environmental transitions can be imminent but helpful.  The stress and duress of change requires decision making, lots of detail, and typically a period of adjustment for everyone involved.

Orchard Senior Living recognizes change for some families can be emotionally and physically overwhelming or challenging.  We want to help by offering you the provision of a Transitional Counselor who will support your transition beginning to end.

Evaluate-Plan-Live is our recommended 3 step Transitions Strategy for families.  The three 60-minute telephone or in person appointments will provide conversation needed to discuss any lingering fears or concerns, and then help you plan and coordinate the change.  We know from experience, taking time to think through details of any next steps can minimize feelings of anxiety, anger, grief, or sadness and help to circumvent unnecessary conflict or outcomes that would interfere with a positive and successful experience .

When living with dementia, we face transitions that are accompanied by a desire and longing to find our way to “well-being.”  We want to feel in control, confident, comfortable with ourselves, and valued by those who are important to us. Talking to someone who understands creates courage and elicits new ideas when managing change or challenges.

I’m Robin Andrews, a solution focused communications consultant specializing in transition for families living with dementia.  I have a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and have worked in behavioral healthcare and aging services for 15 years. My collaborative counseling model is based on personal competency and solution-building rather than problem solving. Minimizing emphases on past failings and problems, I instead focus on a person’ strengths, abilities and successes.  I would be honored to assist you in a journey toward hope, healing, and self-discovery.

Email: Or call 404-775-0488 to make your appointment

Navigating the Transition is a service offered as part of the move in process. Transition Services

Will start after the payment of the non refundable community fee.