Fine Dining at Orchard Senior Living

  • Exquisite surroundings
  • Exceptional service
  • Tasty menu
  • Fresh produce
  • Sugar Free / Low Salt options available

The Tavern at Orchard

The Tavern at Orchard gives our residents the flexibility to choose their meal times just like they did in their homes. Residents are able to use the delivery or carry out option of the Tavern and eat their meal in one of our four den areas, the bistro, covered outdoor patio, or anywhere else in the community. All menu items at the Tavern are cooked to order according to residents’ requests.

Residents and guests enjoy a constantly changing menu to add flavor to every day of the week. Our Community of Care will cater to your loved ones’ palette and dietary requirements. Our choices can be as adventurous as someone’s taste buds allow or as traditional as someone is used to. Join us as we utilize our own vegetables, fruits and herbs grown fresh in the “Orchard” garden, along with other local and seasonal produce. We appeal to those who want to socialize and make new friends at the dining table and can appreciate the art of a good meal with good company, yet we also appreciate and meet the needs of those who prefer to dine alone or in a smaller setting. Our in-house chef is innovative and experienced, bringing our residents the best culinary experience each and every day of the week.

Contact us to get a look at the menu our chefs are cooking up this week!