Music Benefits For Dementia

Music Benefits For Dementia

When someone is living we dementia we tend to look at how they…
Dementia Holiday Tips

Holiday Tips For People Living With Dementia

When the holidays approach it can be a time of stress or of excited…
Dementia & Keeping Holiday Tradition

Dementia & Keeping Holiday Traditions

Holidays can be times filled with joy for many reasons, one being…
Coping With Grief

Grief & Loss

Do find yourself having difficulty concentrating, or finishing…
Fine Dining Senior Living

Fine Dining in Senior Living

Many senior living communities in Atlanta promote fine dining…
Dementia & Faith

Dementia & Communities of Faith

If you or your loved one are a person who has always been involved…
Dementia Support Atlanta

Dementia Support Tips

There are a lot of communities that say they provide dementia…
Independent vs Assisted Living

Independent vs Assisted Living - What's the Difference?

There is a variety of options when looking at Senior Living in…
Hospice vs Palliative Care

Aging In Place - Hospice & Palliative Care

If you find a senior living community in Atlanta that meets your…
Spectrum of Care

Spectrum of Care - Senior Living Options

When considering a new place to live, it is important to ask…
Senior Living vs Assisted Living

Senior Living vs Assisted Living - Which Do I Need?

There are many options when looking for senior living in Atlanta.…
Communicating with someone living with Dementia

Dementia Communication Techniques

Communicating Effectively With A Person Living With Dementia Communicating…