CSS Complete Spine Solutions Rolls out a Custom Plan for Orchard at Tucker Residents

Complete Spine Solutions:
Pain Relief, Rehab & Wellness
for Orchard Residents & Their Families
Complete Spine Solutions
Complete Spine Solutions is a comprehensive Pain Relief, Rehab and Wellness facility serving
greater Atlanta from our Tucker/Northlake/Decatur office for over 30 years. At Complete Spine Solutions, we
strive to be THE community source for optimal health & healing. Our mission is to educate, and
thereby empower people to make informed decisions about their health & the health of their families.
Our goal is to educate and inspire people to prioritize their health by not setting themselves up for
future surgery or a lifetime of dependency on prescription drugs.
Health Fair at Orchard
Complete Spine Solutions offers onsite
health screenings for the convenience and better health of
your residents and their family members. Many companies in Atlanta have trusted Complete Spine
Solutions to deliver affordable, quality, and lifechanging
health screenings. Health Fair stations at
Orchard may include:KLaser
Therapy to reduce pain and inflammation; Digital Postural Assessment,
NutriSync DNA assessment to determine personal nutritional needs; and Chair Massage.
The format consists of multiple screenings performed simultaneously by staff members for greater
efficiency, and the event will be three hours in duration.
In Office, AllNatural
Specialty Services
Problems: Prevention & Treatment * AllNatural
Pain Relief * Nutritional Coaching &
Natural Fat Loss * Laser Therapy ~ Safe and Instantaneous Reduction of Inflammation in the Body
Complete Spine Solutions can help Orchard residents
and their family members live…happier, healthier, stronger, longer
Call 7709384606
for information
2347 Brockett Road, Tucker, GA 30084