Best Free Apps to Train Your Brain

Try out some of these great FREE apps you can download to improve your brain!

Maintaining your psychological well-being is extremely important. Use these suggestions to help you find the perfect app to keep your mind clear and your senses sharp.


Ever wanted to learn another language? Duolingo offers a fun way to master languages, like Spanish, Portuguese, and more! Research studies suggest that knowing more than one language can slow down the brain’s aging process.




Charge Your Brain
This application is perfect for anyone from kids to adults. It gives you an assembly of little games that allow you to improve different sections of the brain. The games were created to test your image recognition, logic, mathematic skills, and memory.



This game is great for training your brain and teaching concentration through patience. The game is simple: you join numbers together to get to the 2048 tile. This game develops techniques to better the users sense of strategy and patience.

These are only a few of the games you can pick from if you are looking for free apps to improve your brain. Which of these will you add to your smart phone?