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Providing Nutrition Care in a Dementia Care Facility

What Role Does Eating Play in Dementia? Eating plays an important role in all our lives. Eating is often a social event, as well as quality time shared with family and friends. Eating can also provide structure to the day. For seniors with dementia, eating and drinking can become more difficult. They may be less […]

Dementia Care Combined with Comprehensive Nutrition Care

What is Comprehensive Nutrition Care? Comprehensive Nutrition Care is a creative and comprehensive way to provide care. It takes a complete approach to nutrition care with the purpose of supporting individuals with chronic or life-threatening disease, and healthcare providers who support them, to better manage their health through optimal nutrition. Why is Nutrition Care Needed for […]

Proper Hydration Care is Essential in Dementia Care

Why is Proper Hydration Important? Drinking fluids is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of every system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles. Water and fluids carry nutrients to your cells, flush bacteria from your bladder, and prevent constipation. Dehydration is the most common fluid and electrolyte problem and one […]

Anxiety is Another Road Block to Dementia Care at Home

Common Psychological Conditions Apathy, depression and anxiety are common conditions experienced by people with dementia. They are known as psychological conditions because they can affect a person’s emotional and mental health. What is Anxiety? Anxiety is a normal feeling that everyone experiences now and again. In some people, however, these feelings can be very strong […]

Apathy is a Main the Road Block of Dementia Care at Home

Psychological Condition.. Apathy, and anxiety are common conditions experienced by people with dementia. They are known as psychological conditions because they can affect a person’s emotional and mental health. What is Apathy? Apathy is a persistent loss of motivation to do things, or a lack of interest in things. It is different from depression. Many […]

The Importance of a Cognitive Care Community for Dementia Care

We All Age But… There is no way to avoid the aging process. Our bodies age, we get new wrinkles in relative the same pace. The one difference is, our Brains age differently. The majority of us will encounter some level of age related decline, but some of us will experience a more pronounced level […]

The Key to a Smooth Transition into a Dementia Care Setting

Does anyone actually like to move? Moving to a different location can be traumatic for anybody especially any older adult. It becomes even more difficult if the person moving has some type of cognitive impairment or dementia.Usually a person with dementia is unable to problem solve and accurately judge when it is time to move. […]

Mom Needs Memory Support not Memory Care

Does mom need Memory Support or Memory Care? Good Question I would first like to start with saying that appropriate Memory Support prolongs the need for Memory Care. In a traditional community setting, those with moderate dementia are either not thriving in Assisted Living or have to move to Memory Care too soon. In my […]

Specialized Memory Care for those with Alzheimer’s & Dementia

What is Memory Care? When you ask this question you get a range of answers. You hear Memory Care is a specialized unit for Alzheimer’s & Dementia. You also hear it is a lock down unit that is separate from the rest of the community. You hear it is a unit for wanderers. You hear […]

Delicious Puree Recipes for Assisted Living & Memory Care

One of my favorite puree recipes are Mango Moose Cups. They are easy to make, and  most importantly very delicious.     Ingredients you will need 1 tsp gelatin powder 2 tbsp water 5 oz mango puree 2 tbsp granulated white sugar (or more to taste) 5 oz heavy whipping cream Dissolve gelatin into 1 tbsp […]