Assisted Living & Memory Care – Affordability & Rates

Few other assisted living or memory care facilities throughout Tucker, Decatur, or the Greater Atlanta area offer pricing and rates online. We do.

At The Orchard, we believe that it’s important to be up front and honest with all of our prospective residents and their families. Our pricing is simple, straightforward, and there are no hidden fees.

Please call today to schedule your tour (770) 938-5600.

Assisted Living Rates

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  • Orchard Living: Included
  • Orchard Plus Living $350/month
  • Orchard Supportive Living: $650/month
  • Orchard Enhanced Living: $950/month
  • Orchard Comprehensive Living: $1,250/month
  • Orchard Comprehensive Living Plus: $1,550/month

Cognitive Care Rates

Carlton Club: $1750/month

Memory Care Rates (All Inclusive)

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Additional Options:

  • Diabetic Medication Management: $300/month
    includes, but not limited to, daily required injections and/or blood sugar monitoring
  • Special Diet (Gluten Free, etc.): $100/month
  • Continence Care Supplies: $150/month
  • Enhanced Laundry (2+ extra loads): $150/month

Other Charges:

  • Medication Management: $300/month
  • Community Fee: $2,000 one-time fee
  • Second Related Resident (plus Level of Care Fee): $900/month